Meet Dr. Zena

I am so passionate about dentistry, it’s hard to know where to start! As a compassionate person who has a strong belief in helping others, dentistry seemed like a natural fit for me. It certainly didn’t hurt to have great role models—mygrandfather, my father, and my sister, Dr. Darlene.

Every day, I feel a great deal of satisfaction in knowing that I've been able to help my patients take control of their oral health. My profession allows me to be a teacher, a personal coach, and an artist all in one. I am able to help, prevent, and create something, as well as making someone feel comfortable in the dental setting. I can break down barriers and build personal relationships—what’s better than that?

I attended the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine for my Doctorate of Dental Medicine, and keep up with advancements in technology by attending local study groups, lectures, and web-based continuing education.

Keeping up with what is going on in the present dental field only helps me hone my skills and broaden my abilities to educate my patients, myself, and staff members. It helps me confirm and conform to what is new in dentistry. I feel it is so very important to know what is new in dentistry but also to review and find new ways to approach situations differently. You can always learn something a different way even if it works the way you have previously done.

I was raised and currently reside in Sewickley. My husband Mark and I have been together for 30 years and have two children, Madison and Evan, who have both been basically raised in the office. All of my patients know about my children and their activities. We also have a wonderful dog named Milo.

My children keep me busy, although they are basically young adults.I still  like to be involved in their personaland educational endeavors as much as possible. If there is any time left over, I love entertaining, cooking, and the arts!

Care CreditAmerican Dental Association